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A Juhl in the Downtown Las Vegas Crown

posted Jun 24, 2018, 12:39 AM by Liz Taylor Brass   [ updated Jun 24, 2018, 5:57 PM ]
Juhl Las Vegas: Rooftop terrace with pool Rooftop terrace with pool

Juhl Las Vegas: Colorful and comfi cabanas Juhl Las Vegas: sign at Bonneville Ave entrance I could tell you that it has a rooftop terrace with a huge pool and gorgeous, comfi cabanas.

A cool sign out front and a colorful lobby where you can while your time away watching people promenading by on Bonneville Ave.

Or vending machines with high-tech robot arms (much more fun to watch than washing machines).

Or that one of the loft-style studios hosts the Black Mountain Institute's Writer in Residence.

Who Cares?
Juhl Las Vegas: colorful lobby Writer in Residency studio

The Juhl Las Vegas condominium complex has a Vino View Deck. A Vino Deck! With a view of The Strip, City Hall, and the Regional Justice Center.

Juhl Las Vegas: view of The Strip from the Vino Deck