Duck and Cuvée

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Rubber ducky statue stands guard outside Sugar Factory, Las Vegas
Rubber ducky statue stands guard outside Sugar Factory, Las Vegas

Do you want the Skittles on the sweetest spot in #LoveVegas Bar None? Trust me, you'll never find this Life Savers without help. Nestléd in a secluded location of the Fashion Show Mall only visible from the Las Vegas Strip, a menacing Whoppers of a rubber ducky statue guards the entrance to the Sugar Factory.

Kylie was here
Sweet candy & cittens
Somebody somewhere said supposedly this brasserie serves solid sustenance—who cares. They ain't called the Duck Factory.

But how can you not love a place stuffed by its founder, intent on bringing back happy memories, with the universal symbol of a slippery childhood, rubber duckies of all shapes and sizes. And a framed picture proves Kylie was here—'nuff said.

Tucked away in a corner, the confectionary store offers everything saccharine from cute Beanie Baby Cit Cats to Caty Perry Couture Pops with matching Couture Handles, a must-have candied celebrity designer accessory. If you even make it past the long counter presenting the most delectable ice creams too adorable to eat.

In a Crunch, you can also satisfy your sweet tooth in the Chocolate Lounge on the upper deck (provided you find the hidden elevator door and manage the secret Milka shake or book a private event for a special occasion). Enjoy charming chocolate-based chocktails surrounded by a candyland carousel, colossal cupcakes, and a Milky Way of colorful candy flowers.
Delectable ice creams too adorable to eat
If you happen upon the gazebo at just the right Tic Tac, you may experience a special treat. Like local Starburst Melody Sweets releasing her new single "Flavor of the Month" with Ms. Buttercup, Hazel Honeysuckle, and other Sugar Babies.

Ms. Buttercup serving it up     Melody Sweets sings Flavor of the Month     Hazel Honeysuckle as Cookie Monster

And don't any Smarties dare Snickers at my spelling, or I'll whip you with peppermint candy canes and blame it all on auto-correct. You try writing any better after three goblets of Lollipop Passions, the Sugar Factory's yummy signature drink🍨🍭🍯

NSFW Videos

Melody Sweets - Flavor of the Month

Get the skinny on Flavor of the Month at www.MelodySweets.com/videos

Ms. Buttercup playing with wet balls and her cherry

Hazel Honeysuckle Cookie Monster finds the C-spot

I've Found My Folies Bergère Wedding Dress (and it's gorgeous) 😍

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Folies Bergère: Mademoiselle de Paris 1983 Costume by Jerry Jackson
Folies Bergère: Vamps 2002 Costume by Jerry Jackson
You too can find your perfect #LoveVegas dress in the Nevada State Museum (I didn't say you could wear it).

After nearly 50 years, the longest running revue theater show in Las Vegas, the Folies Bergère, ended its run at the Tropicana March 2009. The museum acquired photographs, artwork, and stage costume like sexy jewel-encrusted thongs and cutesy feathered headpieces for one of its changing exhibits, Entertaining Las Vegas One Rhinestone at a Time. And if you are really, really nice to the staff, they may let you into the over 8,000-piece Costume & Textile Collection.

How can you not fall in love with these beautiful Jerry Jackson creations, like my wedding dress, um, okay, it's actually Mademoiselle de Paris 1983. Not that I'd wear it.

To ensure they fit into the custom costumes costing thousands, showgirls (the ones prancing) and nude or dressed dancers (the ones dancing) had to record their weight when they signed their contract. Sorry, but deal breaker! Worse, those who strayed too far from the original number received warning slips. Double deal breaker!
Folies Bergère: Warning Slip
Although I could get used to the idea of men blending into the set to support the showgirls, symbols of ideal feminine beauty and a cultural archetype (whatever that means). Double winner. They embody that which women admire and aspire to and men yearn for. Now that's a triple winner 💕💕💕

Mini MINT rises from the ashes

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MINT Tavern: iconic neon sign draws inspiration from the past
The iconic neon sign draws inspiration from the past

If you miss the Mint (yes, you Hunter S. Thompson, Elvis, or James Bond fans know who you are), Fear and Loath not in Las Vegas. Next to the equally historic Golden Steer Steakhouse on Sahara Blvd, a Mini MINT has risen from the ashes.

The iconic neon sign and interior draw inspiration from Sin City's fabulous past. Typical for #LoveVegas, you get your drinks and mini-pizzas (I told you it's a Mini MINT) served 24 hours over bar-top gaming machines.

A separate dance room with sound & light system provides additional EntertainMINT through concerts & parties. One of the MINT's partners, Habana Style Dance Company, teaches Latin-Caribbean dances, laying down a MINT-mean Salsa while we watched. Take That, Elvis & Ann-Margret.

MINT Tavern: salsa lesson by Habana Style Dance Company
MINT Tavern: one MINT-mean salsa

A Juhl in the Downtown Las Vegas Crown

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Juhl Las Vegas: Rooftop terrace with pool Rooftop terrace with pool

Juhl Las Vegas: Colorful and comfi cabanas Juhl Las Vegas: sign at Bonneville Ave entrance I could tell you that it has a rooftop terrace with a huge pool and gorgeous, comfi cabanas.

A cool sign out front and a colorful lobby where you can while your time away watching people promenading by on Bonneville Ave.

Or vending machines with high-tech robot arms (much more fun to watch than washing machines).

Or that one of the loft-style studios hosts the Black Mountain Institute's Writer in Residence.

Who Cares?
Juhl Las Vegas: colorful lobby Writer in Residency studio

The Juhl Las Vegas condominium complex has a Vino View Deck. A Vino Deck! With a view of The Strip, City Hall, and the Regional Justice Center.

Juhl Las Vegas: view of The Strip from the Vino Deck

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